End to End Brand Management in the Digital Space


We understand brand objectives and provide strategic marketing solutions to help brands reach relevant audiences. With innovative ideas & comprehensive planning, we will grow your digital footprint effectively.


We produce and craft content that is consistent with your brand identity and help you crack the right content mix that your brand needs. 

Blogs, graphics, videos, captions, illustrations, ad copy, photos, emailers, websites and more - we've got your back.

Social Media

We conceptualize and execute social media experiences for brands to create and sustain engagement. Entrust us to give your brand a credible voice and personality that is recognized across various digital platforms.


Mastering the vast digital landscape can get overwhelming, but with an adaptable and personalized approach, we will work with you to manage how your customers experience your brand online. We bring method to the madness.

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What our Clients Say

Anu Ananthakrishnan

"Amber Lab go above & beyond every day...

...to ensure that our target market is engaging with us in meaningful ways. 

They’ve personally connected with the ethos so beautifully and are able to craft brand messages and communications that I as the founder would have been proud to write.

They also oversee the social media ad spends in a very responsible manner and ensure we’re targeting our customers in the best ways with the lowest cost per click possible. Their work ethic and commitment to getting things right is impressive – they treat the brand like it’s their own and I really appreciate that!"

Our Network

Through our journey, we've shaken our paws with many talented freelancers and partner companies. We're proud that many of them are now part of our network, allowing us to extend our plethora of services to our clients from India and beyond. These services include (but are not limited to) graphic design, video production, animation, web development, SEO & more.

If you think your work will have our team's (and our clients') tails wagging, get in touch with us for exciting opportunities.

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