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A little bit

about Amber Lab

Amber Lab is a brand management company that provides marketing, content and strategy solutions to business owners and entrepreneurs aiming to gain a foothold in the digital world.


Our team is a mix of unique, friendly and hard-working individuals who passionately work on your business as if it's their own. Our clients trust us with creative thinking and strategic solutions for their brands. We customize workflows and processes on the basis of a deep understanding of each clients requirements. Conceptualization of content and efficient management of their digital assets helps grow their businesses. 


We can help you find the right mix of services to ensure you and your businesses are thriving in the digital space. 


A tiny bit about Amber

Amber was not just a labrador retriever puppy - she was a companion who would connect with you on a human level. Her personality left a lasting impression on all who met her. She defined loyalty, care, compassion and trust... she always had your back, never a doubt about it. 

To take Amber’s legacy forward, it is precisely these values that we strive to imbibe from her and incorporate in all that we do at Amber Lab.

Ananda Boga Pandit.jpg

Ananda - Founder


    There are no bosses here."

This is something I strongly believe in, and if you do too, we'd make a great match! 

Policy: Be happy, every day.

Likes & Interests: Dogs (as if that wasn't already obvious), cricket, art, travel, social activism, meeting new people, good television, politics, and figuring out what makes something tick.

Strengths: A problem solver with an analytical, creative and data-driven mindset.

Quirks: I have a knack of remembering maps and routes really well - be it in Mumbai, London or Boston.

I enjoy working with & gaining insights from founders and thought leaders across different industries. There is always so much to learn & one of my more important takeaways has been - 

There is no such thing as a dead-end when there is always an option to pivot.  

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